Use of Church Spaces

When the Sanctuary is used for an event that charges at the door the fee will be a minimum of $200.00 or 10% of the final monies brought in, which ever is greatest.

Regular Rates

Any Space – $200.00 a day

Hourly Rate: $25.00

Non profit or Community Organizations

Any Space – $10.00/hour

Full Day – $100.00
Please contact the Church Office to book space:
or call 306-783-4157

Guidelines for the use of space at St. Andrew’s United Church for non-Church directed functions.

  1. Please make your request to the Church office for space usage as soon as possible. 
  2. Please mail your fee to the Church Office.
  3. The Church reserves the right to change bookings due to unforeseen demands such as funerals.
  4. Event participants must confine their attendees to the space provided.
  5. An entrance key may be issued and must be obtained prior to the event and during regular office hours. Event organizer is responsible for ensuring that all doors are locked and all lights are shut off, following the completion of the event. Entrance must be made from the back door (North Door) of the Upper Hall or the Sanctuary, depending on the location of the event.
  6. No supplies are provided by the church.
  7. Event organizers are to ensure that the space used is left in the same or better condition as when the event began. 
  8. If damage occurs, the event organizer will be held responsible for the cost of the repairs.