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Letter from St. Andrew’s Leadership team

Welcome to the fall everyone!

Stewardship can take many forms and there has been no shortage of examples on display in the church over the busy summer. The people volunteering to give their time, expertise and skill to the work in the basement is a very tangible and impressive example. The folks who gave items,baked goods, time and skill to help orchestrate the recent garage sale in the church basement are another great example. In both raising funds directly and in minimizing the cost of a renovation project these have been amazing examples of financial stewardship for the church.

We want to see St. Andrew’s continue to thrive and to see the stewardship efforts and the contributions of the congregation continue. In order to do so, we have a financial stewardship challenge to meet with our operating deficit. Though we are currently operating at a deficit, every small step to assist in fundraising and personal giving helps to minimize it.

It may not be well known that the cost to operate the church for a day is approximately $500. Do you think it is possible to fund the operation of the church for even a single day? If 50 families were able to meet this challenge our annual deficit would be balanced for the year. Taken as a single amount it can seem like an overwhelming amount, but taken as a smaller series of steps do you think it could be done? Is it manageable to add approximately 10 dollars a week above your current givings for the year? If so, you could meet this challenge!

Personally, setting a little over a dollar aside every day is an amount that could be managed and over the year will successfully fund the church for one more day.

Again thank you for all the efforts you as a congregation have made over the past year and if we can tackle another fundraising challenge with the same skill as has been displayed over the summer then I know we’ll succeed.

Jeff Possberg

(for the Leadership Team)