St. Andrew’s United Church Leadership Team
Leadership Team Ministry & Personnel Member Margaret Phillips Finance Member Cheryl Chesney Worship Member Crystal Bailey Property Member Julia Konkin Member at Large Brian Beck Member at Large Tim Linsley Member at Large Jeff Possberg Church Administrator Allycia Korol Minister Rev. Jen Dresser

Anyone from the congregation is welcome to attend leadership meetings or bring concerns and ideas to the moderator for discussion. Minutes are published and are available at the church.

The Leadership Team is responsible for offering leadership and vision to the congregation. It also deals with certain business matters as required. It is made up of representatives from the congregation. In addition to those listed below, the minister and administrator attend meetings.
A moderator is chosen for each Leadership meeting. The moderator facilitates meetings and acts as the contact person for the leadership team. Each committee has authority to act on routine items within their area of concern. Only items which the committees feel need additional input, affect the budget, or legally require a motion come to the leadership team.
Worship Committee Chair Debbie Quinn Mavis Prokopiuk Crystal Bailey Donna Burnard Linda Vaughan Shani Apland Rev. Jen Dresser
The worship committee has oversight of anything related to worship. They have oversight for baptism, weddings, funerals and communion. They discern, along with the minister, the general ethos and style of worship. They receive feedback and address any concerns regarding worship.
Ministry & Personnel Committee Chair Margaret Phillips Brian Beck Donna Burnard Don Chesney
This committee has oversight for all staff. They provide support as well as address any concerns that are raised. They oversee job descriptions, salary adjustments and provide performance reviews annually.
This is committee where both concerns and affirmations about the staff and their work should be directed.
Property Committee
Chair- Chris Kachur, Martin Phillips, Julia Konkin, Fauntie Phillips
Property Committee oversee the maintenance of the entire church building and property. Any items needing repair or attention should be directed to this committee.
Finance Committee Treasurer Martin Phillips Chair – Tim Linsley Mike Neilson Cheryl Chesney Rev. Jen Dresser Church Administrator: Allycia Korol
Trustees Martin Phillips Tim Linsley Mae Ann Chilman Brian Beck Debbie Quinn Rev. Jen Dresser
These two groups work closely to monitor the financial aspects of church life. They are responsible for any investments the church has, maintaining insurance on church property. The trustees, along with the United Church of Canada, hold the deed for the property.
Sexual Abuse Officers Tom Ferrier Bonnie Rushowick